Our Story

Crooked & Spur found its namesake in a long, windy dirt road in the Northwoods of Minnesota. Before reaching our family’s vintage cabin, you’ll reach a fork in the road. A large wooden beam holds a mishmash of wood and metal signs with arrows pointing toward a dozen different family lots. 


When my dad and I bought the cabin, there was an endless list of projects before us. Laying vacant for the better part of five years, it was in need of a lot of work before it could function as any kind of family getaway. Yet, before I could draw up any plans for a remodel, my mind was stuck on the wooden beam at the fork in the road, holding all the signs and arrows. As trivial as it may sound, first things first meant designing and posting our own family sign on that beam.

Because for me, signs have always been more than mere postings along the road. Signs are a source of direction and orientation. They let you know what you can expect a a little way down the road, or within a certain space. Providing a kind of ease that wouldn’t be there without it. 

Which is where Crooked & Spur found its beginnings. Our mission is to create wall décor and postings that set the tone and intentions for your space. Whether it’s showing off your favorite nook and cranny or highlighting the room which holds the heart of your home. Crooked & Spur wall decor allows you to intentionally set the tone for your home by highlighting your most treasured spaces within it.